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1998 Eurocopter AS 350 B3
  Data: Avionics:
Additional Equipment:
    SFIM 2 Axis Autopilot Coupled to GPS
Cowling Maintenance Step
  Manufactured in 1998 Transponder King KT-76C
Aero Aire Air Conditioning
  Total time 688 hours since new Radar Altimeter King KRA 405
High Skid Gear
Located in the UK
KMD 150 GPS and Moving Map
Emergency Floats
  Price 1 130 000 GBP DME King KN-63
Rear Wedge Windows
  Dual Controls KX155 NAV/COM
Batteries in Tailboom
    8800T Blind Encoder
Belly and Fin Strobe Lights
    VHF King KX-196A Comm
Stereo System Sony
    TCAS Sky-497
Corporate VIP Interior
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