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    According to different sources, robust, reliable
    and undemanding MIL helicopters  
  Home are being used in more than 70 countries all  
  Helicopter Lease over the globe. Its design allows storage out of  
  Company Profile hangars, in very dry places, such as the Sahara  
desert, as well as in the rainforests of South  
Mil-8 Family
America or Vietnam. Mil helicopters perform  
  Mil-26 very well in mountains and beyond the Polar  
  An-74 Circle , over Antarctica and in Equatorial regions.    
  IL-76 Currently operational in Africa, South and Central    
  Contacts America, Eastern Europe, the Middle and Far    
    East, Central, Eastern and South Asia, India
    and Siberia, with a functional temperature    
    ranging from +50 C to -50 C
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